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Jack Maclean | Guitarist/Bassist


"As a musician his skills are outstanding. He comes to work and to excel. He prepares above and beyond what is expected. His parts are correct, his feel is perfect and his work ethic is incredible.
Jack is one of the finest musicians and people I have ever worked and performed with."

- Ron Baumber, Gold Record and Juno winner

For multi-instrumentalist Jack MacLean "music is the shorthand for emotion" isn't just a quote, its a way of life. Raised by two artistic parents (Mom - former art instructor and Dad - former guitar instructor) he learned to express himself through music at an extremely young age.


Growing up in Dundas Ontario, Jack MacLean endured his fair share of hardships and life lessons. Drawing by age 3 and playing guitar by age 8, Jack got an early start in the arts. His family has a long history with traditional music (both sides), with his father being an established bluegrass/celtic muilti intstrumentalist (from age 13); his great grandmother a radio singer/performer; making multiple generations of music passed down. It comes as no surprise that Jack had an instrument and pencil in hand at a young age.

Its been a long road since Jack was playing coffee houses in his early teens, performing as a solo singer-songwriter. Back then Jack was a gifted guitar player performing as many shows as possible."This is when I really got a taste of performing.... and I liked it!"


At 26 Jack re-entered the music scence backing local legend Shawn "The Krooked Kowboy" Brush for multiple shows. Shortly after Jack was offered a spot with local up and coming celtic folk band 'Whiskey Epiphany'. After a year of relentless gigging Whiskey received some great offers from the likes of: Mariposa, Sound of Music, NXNE, to name a few. All of the opportunities served to hone the ethic and skill set of this young performer. Jack now attends Mohawk College for jazz guitar as well as regularly gigs around Ontario and beyond with 'Whiskey Epiphany' and Ron Baumber... with a smile on his face.

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